Who was online WSC 3.x/5.2

You want to see at first glance which of your users were already online today? Then our Wer War Online tool is just the right thing for you!

starting at EUR 2.99

Bugtracker WSC 3.x/5.2

Wie der Name 'Bugtracker' schon sagt, ist dies eine Ansammlung von gefundene Bugs bzw. Fehlern in jeglicher Hinsicht, nicht nur Fehler können gemeldet werden, man kann auch Vorschläge posten

starting at EUR 29.99

The FAQ system offers the possibility to manage "Frequently Asked Questions" in the form of a clearly arranged interface.

starting at EUR 4.99

You want to present information about game servers on your site? Then the Gameserver Viewer is exactly the right thing for you!

starting at EUR 9.99

Teamspeak Viewer WSC 3.x/5.2

Teamspeak³ Viewer für die Woltlab Suite (3.0 / 3.1 & 5.2). Zeigt diverse Serverinformationen sowie Channel und verbundene Clients mit aktuellem Status an.

starting at EUR 2.99

With this extension it is possible to display individual icons in the message sidebar

starting at EUR 7.99

Counts the number of characters and words under the editor.


1 Monat Premium

EUR 4.99

3 Monate Premium

EUR 12.99

6 Monate Premium

EUR 19.99
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